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Stair Make-Over offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the fixed parts of the stairs (treads, risers, side covers and connecting steps). This warranty commences on the date on which Stair Make-Over receives the warranty card. Stair Make-Over must be in possession of the warranty card within 60 days of the purchase date. The invoice date is deemed to be the purchase date. If the warranty card is not returned to Stair Make-Over within 60 days, no claim can be made under the warranty conditions set out below. The original, dated purchase invoice, complete with the seller’s stamp, must be available for inspection at all times. Warranty claims will be considered only if each of the conditions detailed below is fulfilled. Please always consult the seller first; if necessary, the seller will contact Stair Make-Over.

1. Stair Make-Over warrants that the product is free from any defects in material or workmanship that are acknowledged as such by the manufacturer, including delamination or reduced wear resistance of the top layer. The warranty does not cover wear and tear on the edges of the panels up to a width of 5 mm.
2. The warranty given by Stair Make-Over is a graduated warranty. Accordingly, Stair Make-Over will pay the costs of repair/replacement according to the following declining scale:
  • 1 - 5 years after purchase: 100%
  • 6 years after purchase: 90%
  • 7 years after purchase: 80%
  • 8 years after purchase: 70%
  • 9 years after purchase: 60%
  • 10 years after purchase: 50%
3. The warranty extends only to the first owner of the stairs and cannot be assigned or transferred to third parties. The person deemed to be the first owner is the person stated as the buyer on the purchase invoice or the warranty certificate.
4. The buyer must be able to prove that only approved Stair Make-Over accessories (identifiable by the Stair Make-Over label on the packaging) have been used to install the stair covering. If the buyer is not able to furnish such proof, this warranty will be void.
5. The products must be thoroughly inspected for defects in materials before and during installation. Panels or accessories with visible defects must not be installed under any circumstances. The seller must be informed of any such defects in writing within 15 days; any complaints received after this period will not be considered. If necessary, the seller will contact Stair Make-Over.
6. The buyer is required to prove that the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions have been followed. These maintenance instructions prescribe the use of Stair Make-Over maintenance products on the stairs. Any use by the buyer of maintenance products other than those recommended by Stair Make-Over will void the warranty.
7. Claims under the warranty will be considered only if the damaged surface area on any panel or accessory is greater than 1 cm2.
8. The warranty applies only to products installed in areas intended for private use. For other applications, an individual written warranty must be requested from the manufacturer.
9. Mechanical damage, such as scratches made by falling objects, is NOT covered by this warranty.
10. The liability under this warranty is limited to hidden defects, i.e. defects that were not visible before or during the installation of the stair covering.
11. The warranty only covers the supply of replacement products (either against payment or otherwise, see Article 15). The buyer is responsible for the installation of replacement products and must bear the cost of removing old and installing new materials.
12. Stair Make-Over can never be held liable for any secondary damage.
13. Defects must be reported to the seller in writing within 30 days of discovery. The seller will contact Stair Make-Over, if necessary.
14. Stair Make-Over reserves the right, and must be offered an opportunity, to arrange for the complaint to be inspected on site by the seller, the manufacturer or by an expert designated by the manufacturer or the seller.
15. In cases where complaints are found to be justified, only new products from the current range of products offered at the time when the complaint is found to be justified will be supplied, through the seller. There will be no other form of compensation.
16. These new products are covered for the same warranty period as the original products, in other words: the original warranty period will not be extended.
17. The aforementioned original warranty period will not be extended if repairs are made or other work is done within the warranty period.
18. The floor must be protected from tracked-in sand and/or dust by providing suitable mats at entrances. Failure to observe this precaution will void the warranty.
19. Moisture left on the stairs or near the joints and/or excessive use of water for cleaning and/or the use of inappropriate maintenance products must be avoided at all times. Failure to observe this precaution will void the warranty.
20. In addition to the rights and remedies conferred on the buyer by this warranty certificate, the buyer also has the rights and remedies conferred upon him by law.
21. This warranty agreement is governed by the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Roermond.
22. This warranty certificate is available in Dutch, German, English, French and possibly in other languages. The Dutch version is binding if there are any inconsistencies between the wording of the Dutch version and that of any translated version.

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