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Stair Make-Over uses the tread-over-tread system. The original staircase is the starting point. The new treads are installed over the old ones. You only have to make a template of your old tread with the special measuring tool from your assembly kit. Put this template on your new tread and saw your new tread as indicated. With the glue, which has a special composition for stair renovation, you assemble the new stairs over the old ones. This combination - treads and special glue - further ensures a substantial noise reduction.

One package contains two treads, two risers and is available in two sizes, 100 and 140 cm, depending on the sizes of your old treads. For the transition to your floor upstairs a special transition tread is available. Together with the transition profile this is the finishing to your floor. It is also possible to use a tread as transition and finish it with a single profile between this tread and the floor. Finish the stairs with sealant, clean it and within a day a total renovation is completed.

Treads 100 cm: 2 treads, 2 risers and side finishing
Treads 140 cm: 2 treads, 2 risers and side finishing
Transition tread: 1 transition tread plus extra riser
Transition profile: 1 profile for transition tread
Assembly kit: 1 special measuring tool, instruction DVD, manual
Glue: Special composition for stair renovation treads after 20 minutes non moveable
Sealant: Finishing for treads and risers
Aluminium Risers: Package of 2 brushed aluminium risers (option)

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